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Maghavat is one that can deliver Truth in a way that opens doors quickly. This is not someone who superficially mimics the rest but has deeply lived and walked through many of life’s darkest shadows.

In order to see through and let these apparent shadows go we need a Light. Maghavat acts like this Light for us by showing how to traverse what seems to be in our way. He is the essence of Compassion and Grace.

I highly recommend his Presence and Teaching.


Maghavat isn’t just another public speaker that is knowledgeable about their subject matter. He is a speaker who is truly able to relate to his audience – because he’s been there.

Whatever life threw at him, (and it was a lot), he found a way to transcend suffering and reveal a life of peace and happiness. His approach is open and honest, and he has the potential to help millions.

Sally Lewis

Our Journey 

Like any soul who is looking for self-realization, Maghavat came into this world with all the power to create whatever was necessary to ensure a spiritual awakening could happen. After a relatively quiet childhood, at the age of 15, an event happened that would mark a path of relentless pursuit of answers: the murder of his father in front of his own eyes and the consequent family division that would leave him alone, under the tutelage of his grandfather.

He plunged into a tornado of repressed feelings, resulting in years of extremes and excesses in an effort to make sense of his existence. At the age of 22, leaving everything behind and with the guidance of two Ishaya Monks, Maghavat began what he later understood would be the most important journey of his life: his own self-realization. Years of exploration, ups and downs have allowed Maghavat the full capacity to guide others in their own reunion with themselves.


Maghavat is a Monk and a Teacher of the Ishaya tradition. Qualified to coach by IMPEL Mexico, certified by the International Coaching Community (ICC) and a recognized lecturer and member of Toastmasters International. He has extensive experience in promoting, coordinating and implementing workshops for personal growth, especially in the area of meditation. He has taught seminars, courses and conferences in Mexico, United States, United Kingdom and Spain, both at a corporate level and to the public (including rehabilitation centres, schools and prisons).

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"I am a witness of humanity, and despite our technological achievements and developments of large theories, we have not yet found the real meaning to our existence. An infinite potential, yet undiscovered, that lies at the heart of each of us longs to reveal itself to us. Not as an idea or belief, but as a living and present experience that results in an extraordinary life, that lies beyond the rational and limited understanding of our minds. We live in a time ready to blossom with mass awakening. My passion is to help make this happen and to make it happen soon."
~ Maghavat


Some of our products

DOCUMENTARY: A Mindful Choice (trailer)

This film plants the seed of possibility that humanity could live in peace. A shift in consciousness is required; a shift that starts with each of us choosing for our own inner peace and happiness.

Is a feature-length documentary showing a diverse range of people making the choice for a better life through meditation.

Their stories show that peace is possible for individuals and communities – and suggests it may be possible for all of humanity.

They range from ballet dancers and writers to stressed businesspeople, cancer patients, foster children, and maximum security prisoners.


Hard Cover-Ego

BOOK: Ego: the prison guard of the Self. Rediscover your Freedom.
Author: Maghavat Ishaya

We live in a society where the internal dialogue governs our minds; where thoughts distract us from what happens in front of us. It seems that often our attention has been “trained” to be distracted, to jump from thought to thought, emotion to emotion.

Behind all that mental dialogue relies our true essence, our true Self. That simple and still experience, the beholder, the witnessing of all; Consciousness.

Being immersed in thoughts can often lead to a stressed and confused live; if our mind lives in the past and in the future, we miss the Now and what each present moment contains. Patterns of thinking not observed, maintain us locked in an unrecognized internal prison.

This book is an invitation to discover the reality of our inner world, to meet again ourselves in True Freedom. In our hearts we all know that there must be a different way of living in this World.


Conferences on issues related to the expansion of consciousness, keys and tools to unlock the potential of the human heart and mind. From suffering to understanding. Motivational and Inspirational conferences. Harmonious relationships and living a full and abundant life.
(Online and in person)


Imagine that all you have to change to experience peace in your modern life is simply where you put your attention. Attend a retreat and give yourself the opportunity to discover inner peace without distractions. We all deserve 200% of life. It´s personal and guided. We can create one for your community if you want.


An online platform that is focused on developing ones awareness. We work on many levels. We try that the experience of inner peace is profound and effective. Its open for everyone. The School allows anyone to move beyond the chatter and chaos of the mind into a direct experience of inner peace, love and contentment.


Counseling and life coaching, spiritual or executive, offered through personalized sessions, groups or between couples, online or in person.
Compassionate guidance, techniques and exercises for self-development.
Let´s work together towards a better and more complete life. A path of Transformation.

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