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Maghavat is one that can deliver Truth in a way that opens doors quickly. This is not someone who superficially mimics the rest but has deeply lived and walked through many of life’s darkest shadows.

In order to see through and let these apparent shadows go we need a Light. Maghavat acts like this Light for us by showing how to traverse what seems to be in our way. He is the essence of Compassion and Grace.

I highly recommend his Presence and Teaching.


Maghavat isn’t just another public speaker that is knowledgeable about their subject matter.

He is a speaker who is truly able to relate to his audience – because he’s been there.

Whatever life threw at him, (and it was a lot), he found a way to transcend suffering and reveal a life of peace and happiness. His approach is open and honest, and he has the potential to help millions.

Sally Lewis


There was an event that marked my life forever when she was 15: the  murder of my father before me as a result of a kidnapping attempt against me.

This brought me much suffering on many levels for years . I did not know how to handle all the guilt, pain and stress that led to that event. My mind went fear, anger, helplessness but mostly loneliness and separation with everything.

I thought back to a life full of excesses with alcohol and drugs in an attempt to make sense of my life and so many unknowns response until age 22 found a path of self-inquiry. Hand two monks I undertook a journey of spiritual awakening.

"I am a witness of humanity, and despite our technological achievements and developments of large theories, we have not yet found the real meaning to our existence. An infinite potential, yet undiscovered, that lies at the heart of each of us longs to reveal itself to us. Not as an idea or belief, but as a living and present experience that results in an extraordinary life, that lies beyond the rational and limited understanding of our minds. We live in a time ready to blossom with mass awakening. My passion is to help make this happen and to make it happen soon."
~ Maghavat

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