Many people live immersed on unconscious thoughts and beliefs that limit the way they can experience life.
This can cause loneliness, suffering, addictions, apathy, confusion, doubt, stress, fear, anger and anxiety,
arise as a result of living asleep to their true potential.

My desire is that you discover that in within you is the power to live in Love, Peace and Happiness.
Take charge of your life and manifest one worth living.


¡Listen the Roar of Awakening!



Inner Conflict

Thinking causes a cloud of confusion and doubt that does not allow you to make light the journey of your life. The lack of understanding of ourselves and our environment has caused us to live in resentment, self-violence and self-destructive patterns that do not help to be at peace.

Unconscious Habits

The unconsciousness of satisfying desires for pleasure or avoiding pain keeps you in emotional ups and downs that keep you from peace and happiness. Continue living without discovering all that makes you act, even though you know it is not good for you. This will only bring the results of chaos.

Total Clarity

When life does not go according to your beliefs and expectations you create a state of continuous emotional reaction. Thus, you are a slave to external circumstances and changes and suffer for it. Therefore the conflict will end by waking up to the power of your Interior, your mind and the detachment from thought.


There was an event that marked my life forever when I was 15 years old: the murder of my father in front of me as a result of an attempted kidnapping.

This fact brought me a lot of suffering on many levels for years. I didn’t know how to manage all the guilt, pain and stress that this event entailed. Through my mind was fear, anger, helplessness, the idea of ​​suicide, but above all, a loneliness so strong that the sense of abandonment and separation with life and creation was like being drowned and totally alone in the Universe.

I evoked a life full of excesses with alcohol and drugs in an attempt to make sense of my existence and answer to so many unknowns.

Thanks to this experience I have been able to teach in maximum security prisons, I have given many talks in rehabilitation centers for drug addicts and people with alcohol problems, and many more.

This is why I have dedicated my life to helping others and that everyone has a chance of a better life.


Sadhana School and Coaching Sadhana are born as a result of my commitment to anyone who wants to leave the confusion and emotional pain that exists internally. Within you is the door to a life of true purpose and with a very high potential.


Sâdhana, Transformative or Transformational Coaching, helps you explore the power of your Mind, explore your abilities and own resources. And when you look inside you you find a potential that you already have and that only had to be discovered.


Learn to accompany others with the structure of the Sâdhana School and explore the courses with other people. You will also learn the structure of how to give sessions with Sâdhana Coaching individually, in pairs or groups.


* Understanding the impact of thoughts and emotions
* Increase and awaken the power of your Inner Strength
* Your stress, fear and confusion levels will be greatly reduced
* Heal your past and your present and create another future
* Learn to live without regrets and self-destructive patterns
* Stop being controlled by thoughts and emotions
* You can learn to be at peace in the midst of all circumstances
* Establishes the basis for a life with meaning and purpose
* You will not feel lost and confused, everything will become clear
* You will be accompanied and taken care of throughout the process
* You will know how to focus all your passion, energy towards something constructive
* You will really live your life and it will be one that will be worth living.


Projects and initiatives for a better world.

The service is one of the most important pillars here. So here you will find projects that
contribute and help realize this dream. We seek to promote initiatives that can generate positive change in people’s hearts.

These ideas were born with the intention of helping all those people who need it most
and want to find peace, healing and love in their lives.

Many people are going through very strong experiences of many kinds. The heart is suffering and does not know what to do in the midst of so much chaos. The hope for a better world seems far and beyond our reach.

We seek to help individuals with addiction problems, social groups with difficulties in social reintegration, low-income people or any place where help is needed.

"El Rugir del Despertar"

La Escuela para el Despertar y la Metodología

Plataforma online para el autodescubrimiento.
Servicios y proyectos para ayudar al despertar del potencial humano.


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* ConcienciaM: 

Inicialmente este proyecto tomó el nombre de Conciencia-Maghavat o ConcienciaM que hacía referencia a la luz del sol y la constante evolución que existe en nuestras vidas.
El Rugir del Despertar es el frente de la Organización pero ConcienciaM se encarga de la parte interna de la Escuela, un Blog y un funcionamiento técnico interno. Como el proyecto mismo también su Director se ha ido transformando en el camino, renaciendo como persona más completa cada vez. Por eso ahora surge la necesidad de un cambio también en la imagen que proyecta al mundo, siempre con el propósito de generar el mayor impacto posible en las personas.
Sarkhan es la nueva imagen y nombre con el que se presenta de forma personal y el proyecto principal se denomina El Rugir del Despertar.