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Meetings open 30 'min. before to close your eyes before each meeting and wait for it to start and ask to open your eyes at 8:00 p.m. Thank you.

Satsang is a word that comes from Sanskrit that refers to "Being exposed or in the presence of Truth". On the other hand it also means that there is a place where one is in the company of people who are, exploring and seeking the truth. It is also commonly related to sitting with someone or those who have crossed the veil of duality and transcended bondage with the mind. This word is used to create and mark the sacredness of space, meetings and encounters to awaken in individuals respect, humility, surrender and devotion to the meaning of what it is to be in the presence and the honor of being exposed to the highest truth. We do Satsangs and other gatherings so that you always have spaces for an intimate and sacred encounter with yourself. This is for you to explore the truth of who you are from various angles. Namaste.

Satsang / Meeting

Every 20th of each Month for English Speaking Members

At 19:30 hrs. Madrid, Spain Timezone.
* Meeting Id: 893 6467 4236
* Password:

Meeting directed by Sarkhan to the entire community. This meeting is very important since there is accompaniment, talks, exercises and, especially, the guide on the discoveries that Members have in their process is deepened.

Check our calendar so you don't miss it. 

* Important information for the Meeting *

Generally this Meetings open up so everyone can close the eyes and then the meeting starts half an hour later with Sarkhân. There is nothing more powerful than the interaction and taking advantage of the guide to clarify and expand the experience.

Getting the best out of meetings requires one to actively explore all that the school proposes. Take part, ask questions, clarifying your discoveries, ask for feedback and be willing to implement what you see in the meetings. This is what will make everything make sense so you can always live in fullness and serenity. This will make your own path much easier.

Community & Sharing

Share with our Community (English)
Last Sunday of Every Month. 19:30 hrs  Madrid, Spain Timezone.

* ID: 838 0954 6487    
* Password: Brahman1

* Please use any meditation you like. Here is an opportunity to connect with all from the most pure and silent space. 
We have created a virtual room so you can close your eyes and connect with our community. 

Important: Join every last sunday of the month. Check calendar so you don't miss it.
* Important information for the Meeting *

The Meeting opens up so everyone can close the eyes and then the meeting starts half an hour later. Today's meeting is special and dedicated to the community. It is very enriching when you see yourself reflected in others. You learn a lot when you share, talk and listen to other experiences and points of view. I invite you to participate, make yourself known and allow yourself to meet others.

You will see that we all grow with openness and connection with others.

The community is very close, give yourself the opportunity to connect more and more with it, you are never alone, we are all here for you and you are here for everyone else.

We are in all of this together.

Time Zone

Check your timezone

We recommend you that you check the time difference between your country and city compared with where Sarkhan will be doing the live meeting from. So you won't miss it. Thanks.


Check out Calendar

We publish in advance the date and time of the meetings on our calendar. We recommend you that you check it so you are up to date on our activities. You will find them starting with 'ENGLISH MEETINGS'.
* Important information *

Its important to check the Timezone and the Calendar so you are aware of our ENGLISH events. Also, we always publish announcements on our private and official Facebook chat dedicated for this type of content. So you are always informed of our activities. We send reminders always so you don't forget and you can organize yourself so you can be with us.

- I recommend that you meditate and take advantage with closed eyes before all meetings.
- Try to enter the meeting on time. Preferably a few minutes before.
- Enter the meeting with your name so that we all recognize each other.
- It is required that the participant identify himself, either with the name, video or audio when entering the classroom. Otherwise we reserve the right to deny access.
- Activate your video when entering but keep your microphone off when not participating.
- It is important to enter with the password exactly as it is written, otherwise it will not work.
- You have the zoom program chat to say hello, ask questions and interact.
- Active participation makes the meetings much more nurturing.
- Ask questions, share, inspire, listen ... This helps you grow in incredible ways.
- If you can't hear or there is something wrong, check the settings, otherwise, leave the meeting and re-enter.
- If the problems continue, delete the application, reset your device and reinstall.
- Anything, visit the Zoom app page. There is a lot of information there.
Some of the meetings with Sarkhân are recorded for the video library so you can
have access to them at any time and not miss what happens in the community.

You can see all the videos that have been recorded so far. Go to the Members menu
and you will see them in the Video & Audio Library and its Historical Archive section.