* Recommendation: We suggest that this video section is explore with playfulness and openness.
Here you are presented with a way to explore and expand your understanding of the Game of self-discovery.


  • Intro:

    Play and Explore
    1' min. 09'' seg.


    Explore this ways of deepening your own experience of the Self. All of this will help you get clear on the Game of the Absolute.

  • Find the 'I':

    The Iness and Iamness
    2' min. 16'' seg.


    Explore from where the I, the Iness and the Iamness comes from. You will see the subtleties within the realm of consciousness and from there, the Absolute is the only thing left and Real.

  • Just Be:

    Do not Be this or that
    3' min. 08'' seg.


    In the subtleties of the realm of owns existence, there is the identification with the false Self. This one can only exist if something is added on to it. It starts with I am, or I am this or that and then the illusion starts. Break free from this and remain pure in your own Self.

  • Where Duality Starts:

    Name and form
    3' min. 59'' seg.


    The riddle is to find where does duality, illusion or maya starts. If you can see its place of birth, where name, shape and form blossoms, it will die instantly and you will be free forever. Nothing can stand your gaze upon it.

  • Emptiness:

    Supreme and the Void
    2' min. 38'' seg.


    Be Empty of Emptiness, do not fall for the trap of emptiness. What I am talking about is something else. Which no word can describe, no concept or experience can show the Reality of Being. The Self is devoid qualities, name and form. Be That!

  • Substratum:

    The Screen of Everything
    7' min. 32'' seg.


    The Screen is empty of everything. Everything is projected towards it. Making the screen free of all that is shown. If there is rain, the screen does not get wet, neither gets burned if there is a fire going on. So, the example of the screen is closer as an example to show you your true position within your Royal Game.

  • The Self Alone:

    9' min. 25'' seg.


    Nothing can describe or show the experience of the Self. Not even being total silent, quiet or empty. The only way is for you to remember your Divine Nature, then you will understand. We can only point or show you by example, but no one has ever been able to express the indescribable. How can you share the experience of the Sun to a blind man. Impossible.

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