* Recommendation: Here you will find some videos with different perspectives for exploration.
Take your time to let them show you the light of its pointer. Enjoy and have fun.


  • Wake up to Roar:

    Seeds of Light
    Stand to the Illusion
    5' min. 00'' seg.


    Wake up to your majesty, to your royal nature. Don't stay numbed by the illusion. There will be a time when life will challenge you to the core of your being. Are you prepared for your life to be radically transformed to your Higher Self? The Real Self, your own Self. Be brave, be a Lion, a Lioness... Stay as you Are, as you have always been. The Self itself.

  • Under the Acting:

    Seeds of Light
    No Actor
    1' min. 58'' seg.


    Underneath everything there is Absolute Freedom. Under the pretending, there is something that doesn't lose its identity. The Supreme is beneath all as all. No divisions or parts of any kind. No Actor, no acting, not pretending. The Self has never lost its royal and Infinite Presence.

  • Truth entering your heart:

    Seeds of Light
    Open your Heart
    1' min. 45'' seg.


    Let the substratum of the words enter your heart.The main obstacle of discovering the truth your existence is the false self. Dive within and don't stop the inner magnetic pull of Thy Light.

  • Symphony:

    Seeds of Light
    Wide View
    3' min. 04'' seg.


    To really enjoy, you have to widen your view. The 'I am-ness' is bigger than consciousness itself, yet no one plays in this arena. This is a requisite before entering the Realm of the Absolute; a Different ballgame.

  • Stop Pretending:

    Seeds of Light
    Mask Off
    2' min. 48'' seg.


    You are mean for much more, release the shackles. If you put on a mask for so long, your true face can't see its own true reflection. Dig deep into your heart.

  • Stop Managing:

    Seeds of Light
    Full Stop
    2' min. 14'' seg.


    Be open, flow, let go, surrender, don't hold onto anything, no opinion. Full stop, stop trying, stop achieving, stop practicing, stop doing, stop any intention... stop everything. What do you see?

  • Honesty:

    Seeds of Light
    6' min. 42'' seg.


    Without a raw honesty there can't be a transformation. Any intention, desire, opinion, goal ... is coming from lack. Find the one that proposes that and you will be free of it.

  • Intimate Self:

    Seeds of Light
    Self is All
    1' min. 10'' seg.


    The Real seams unreal, and the unreal seems real. What a joke! hahaha. Only the Self exists, this is literal, evident, simple and real, the rest is fantasy.

  • Full Awakening:

    Seeds of Light
    It is easy, simple, at hand
    1' min. 51'' seg.


    No movement, no intention, no action, no ideas, no goals, no individual, nothing at all, nothing nothing... It is at hand if you want it, it is within your reach, never lost, never will you get it. Can you see what I mean?

  • Fooled:

    Seeds of Light
    Amazing game
    2' min. 46'' seg.


    We have been fooled by something that has never been created or that has ever happened. Amazing game, the game of games. Can you guess what am I talking about?

  • Everything I say is Wrong:

    Seeds of Light
    From Where are you listening?
    8' min. 38'' seg.


    No one can talk about the highest true, so all is a lie. All one can do is share a pointer. Is not what one says, it's more about from where, from what place is the words coming from. Can you feel it?

  • The Movie:

    Seeds of Light
    1' min. 42'' seg.


    Watch with detachment all that happens, then all will be clear. Enjoy the movie and recognize that you are not in it... everything is coming out of your heart. You are the substratum, the screen where all is projected.

  • Witnessing:

    Seeds of Light
    50'' seg.


    There will be a point that you will transcend the witness too. Playing with the Witness can push you so inward that will challenge all that you think you know to be true about you.

  • True Meditation:

    Semillas de Luz
    Mind games
    1' min. 33'' seg.


    Anything besides exploring the Self are mind games.
    If you stay as you Are, without any movement whatsoever... You will know!

  • The Absolute:

    Seeds of Light
    Beyond Everything
    1' min. 11'' seg.


    Beyond the beyond you will find the Absolute, everything is a gate to that. Have you ever wonder the source of everything? What would be like to discover it and have the experience of it's perspective and reality?

  • Pointers:

    Seeds of Light
    Silence is the key
    1' min. 25'' seg.


    No one can talk about the Highest Truth, we can only point to it. 
    Do not look at my finger pointing to the moon, look at the moon and then question: where does it get its light from? Don't stop until you find out the Source of all light.

  • Awareness is Empty:

    Seeds of Light
    Is beyond all
    1' min. 15'' seg.


    Awareness is Empty of everything. Otherwise it can´t be just aware. If you play as been just a witness of all, with the quality of Awareness. Your true identity will dissolve what you thought about yourself.

  • All Qualities and None:

    Seeds of Light
    Beyond Description
    1' min. 05'' seg.


    The nature of the Self is beyond description. Do not define who you are. Instead, go so deep that nothing can answer that.

  • You Are beyond time:

    Seeds of Light
    Why bother
    1' min. 31'' seg.


    Why bother with things in front of you as if they have something to give you or that you even need, wake up! Discover your nature, do not prolong, do not postpone. You are here for much more that you could imagine.

  • The Self is not a thing:

    Seeds of Light
    No duality
    1' min. 09'' seg.


    Break from the subject-object relationship with things. The Self is the supreme Watcher and it doesn't watch anything at all.
    ¿Have you ever wonder that everything in front of you is not you?

  • Who Are You?:

    Seeds of Light
    Your true Self
    54'' seg.


    The answer to everything is for you to know who you really are.
    Simple but profound pointers towards your own self.

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