Choice the Film – Choice is a feature-length documentary showing a diverse range of people making the choice for a better life through meditation.

They range from ballet dancers and writers to stressed business people, cancer patients, foster children, and maximum security prisoners.

Their stories show that peace is possible for individuals and communities – and suggests it may be possible for all of humanity.


-Maghavat Ishaya is a monk and a Teacher from a spiritual tradition, Master of the Self, business and life coach from IMPEL México and certified by the ICC International. A recognised speaker in many countries in the world & member of Toastmaster International. He has a lot of experience in promoting, coordinate and give workshops for self-growth, especially in the area of meditation. He has given seminars, courses and talks in México, United States, United Kingdom, Spain and Norway. For the public as well for the private sector. (corporations, drug addict institutions, rehab centers, prisons, family centers, etc.) His life experience is an inspiration, his message is compassionate and direct. «Remember who you are: You are the source of all Love & a Being of Infinite Nature.»

Twitter: @maghavat


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4th Part:



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