The London premier of CHOICE was a great success! Within a few minutes, all the rustling of popcorn and snacks quieten down as the audience fell silent.

Testimonials / Premiere London:

Many lovely words but most impressive was the aura/countenance of the people who spoke.

– Beautifully set, thought provoking, Loved it! (although I am biased) 

– I found the story and the description by Morven very powerful and moving. 

– Beautiful, affirming and uplifting – especially touched by the teaching of the prisoners and children and seeing their faces – a sense of lifting the weight from their shoulders.

– Truly inspirational, loved it. Can’t wait to start this type of meditation.

– Choice the film was beautiful and moving, very enlightening.

– An awakening and realisation that life can be great, purposeful and have meaning – I just need to make that ‘choice’.

– I guess the film was a success, in that it took a skeptic like myself and turned me into a believer that is curious to know more. Powerful.

– What a fantastic film, I can’t wait to try it!

– I found the film moving, loved the landscapes and the music. I also found the film affirming and appreciate the work that has gone into it. I have one question I’d like to ask… why is the method “secretive”? The word ‘tools’ was used a lot – why is this not given freely? But am I being naive? Thank you.

– Insightful, inspiring and a beautiful reminder. Thank you.

– I struggled to think that meditation was possible, having young children, but now I think it may be with ascension.

– The scenes in prison really moved me. I wish meditation was used in every school, prison and just everywhere.

 – Very inspiring film – would love to learn how to ascend and walk the “path of the heroes”

– Inspiring, heartwarming, enlightening and ultimately frickin excited at all the possibilities! 

– Wow – I have been to ascension but not been practising the techniques. It is an amazing film that not only inspires me but will make a big difference to me and all that watch it.

– An inspirational and beautiful film that shows peace is available to everyone.

– A powerful reminder for me to stay present, always.

– Thanks for bringing peace to so many people.

– Beautiful, touching, inspiring. I have found ascension a very useful tool in life myself, it has reignited its importance.